Leica Cameras, Why are they so Special?

While looking through the latest B&H catalogue I came across a unique looking camera.

Picture from Wikipedia. By the user Rama
Picture from Wikipedia. By the user Rama

I like how it has this nice retro look to it. But then I looked at the price…


Oh my! I thought to myself “This must really be a nice camerea!” I wanted to go check out how it rancked campared to other camera (in regards to image quality) so I went to dxomark.com. Here I was thinking that it would in the top 30, but no, it was in 46th place! My Sony a200 is in 34th place and I only paid $400 for mine!

So I ask, why are Leica cameras so expensive (and/or special)?


3 thoughts on “Leica Cameras, Why are they so Special?”

  1. You know, handmade, perfectly crafted, german technology, everything makes Leica an object of desire. When you buy a Leica (at least, the analog, classical products), you also buy history, and a collectable object.
    Wish I had the monyy to buy one.

  2. As mentioned… Leica is known for build quality, image quality and without argument, the finest optics you can buy.

    But there is more… much more. While Leica has its “haters” those that know the difference will concede that difference. The camera you’ve pointed out is a digital camera that patterns Leica’s M Series that they have been building for decades. I don’t know the numbers, but I assure you there are M cameras that were purchased in the 1950s that are still in service today.

    Leica photos have a “look” that is distinguishable and recognizable as a “Leica look.” If you are a fan of shallow depth of field and incredible bokeh, Leica is your camera.

    The list of Leica shooters through out history reads like a who’s-who of photography.

    Not an easy camera to use or get results with… but when you do… be prepared to fall in love. Leicas are magic.


    on Twitter – @jthawley

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