My New Minolta Lens!

My grandfather has been a (amateur) photographer for a long time and I’ve known this. What I didn’t know until yesterday was that he owned a old film Minolta SLR. He was showing it to me and my dad yesterday. I was holding it in my hand and checking it out. He was telling me that if I wanted it I could keep it (he has replaced it with a Canon dSLR). I really didn’t care about it seeing as how it used film.

But then it hit me.

This camera was a Minolta, and it had a 70-210mm lens attached to it. I lens that could be attached to my Sony A200! Now I wanted it!

Only bad things is my grandfather smokes allot so the lens slightly smells like tobacco. 😦

And so here I am, the owner of a 70-210mm 4.5/5.6 Minolta Lens. I am quiet happy. 🙂

(I also now have his old Minolta SLR too :P)


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