A Home Without Windows

Well, my parents finally did it. They gave me permission to wipe the family desktop (which ran Windows XP) and install Ubuntu.

How it all Went Down

First I had to back up all of our important documents and photos which was 16gigs total. Most of the backing up was easy… except for exporting my mom’s emails from Outlook Express. It’s kinda hard when the Inbox is 4gigs. 😐

After that came the installation, which if you’ve installed Ubuntu yourself you know how easy it is. But after that came my favorite part, Breaking It In!

“Breaking it in” involves downloading updates, installing codecs (flash, mp3, DVD), installing apps that aren’t included (tracker, Songbird), adjusting the fonts (installing Liberation fonts, change DPI settings), and tweak the theme settings (*with my parents input :)).

So far they like it. The only one who’s not happy is my sister because now she can’t play any of her old Windows games. Not like she was really played Diner Dash anyway…

*If anyone is interested, my dad decided on New Wave.


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