This Blog isn’t Dead!

Boy, has it been  awhile!  I’ve meaning to write a new post but either I’ve been too busy or I end up forgetting to.

So maybe I should catch you up to speed. 🙂


Marathon: Better then Halo

I’ve recently started playing the Marathon Trilogy of games. It’s like Halo, but with an even better story line! And Doom 1 like graphics. 😛  Though there are some great HD texture mods for all three games. Also, its got some great online deathmatch  maps! 😀


Go here to get it for Linux, Mac, and Windows.


Also, I’ve made some great replacement icons for each game. I may or may not be putting them here…



I decided to do NaNoWriMo for the first time with the support of my friends at my homeschool co-op. I had originally set my word count goal at 25,000 words… But then I went down to 15,000 words. Here I am with only 820 words and 4 days to finish…  😦

If and when I finish it I’ll be putting here under a creative commons By license for all to see. 😀

So be looking forward to that. 😉



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