Firefox Open Video Issues

Ever since I started using Firefox 3.5, I have had issues with pausing and then unpausing HTML5 powered videos. I did all sorts trouble shooting, trying to find the source of the problem. I tested my Firefox, with and without certain add-ons, and our family’s other computer (which also runs Ubuntu). Same problem there too … My Dad suggested it might be an Ubuntu issue, and I was starting to think so too. But after going back and forth with the dudes over at #firefox, it turns out this is a documented bug with Firefox.

A part of me is happy that it’s not Ubuntu/Linux’s fault, but the other side is disappointed that Firefox 3.5 shipped with such a huge bug … 😦

EDIT: Yeah, just now fixing this. As those in the comments said (months ago) these issues were fixed with 3.6…. Which was months ago…

Yes, I’m lazy. 😛


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