New Photos, Fixing a RRoD’d Xbox, and Building a Computer

Dude. It’s been three months since I last Blogged!

And I told my self I wouldn’t start doing that again… πŸ˜›

So, let’s begin.

Photos from My Trip to the Zoo

Pretty Bird

Epic Otter


My homeschool co-op all went on a trip to the Zoo. I haven’t usually been one for Zoos… But now that I have my camera I was all ready to go! πŸ˜€

RRoD’d No More!

Right before Christmas, my dad’s Xbox 360 (a premium 360 from 2006) finally RRoD’d (Red Ring of Death, named after the glowing red ring on the front of the console). After replacing it with an Elite model he gave me the dead corpse, telling me that if I could get it to work I could keep it. And so I did, by fallowing this video guide!

So now I’ve been playing Blue Dragon. πŸ™‚

Building my First Desktop

The 18th will be my 16th birthday, and to celebrate I’m building my first desktop! And it shall involve:

  • An AMD Phenom processor (most likely quad-core)
  • A decent nvidia graphics cardΒ  (at least 512mb of vram)
  • A hard drive at least 500GB
  • Ubuntu Linux 9.04 64-bit

And more…. or less. I’m still choosing parts. πŸ˜›

Once I do get the parts I plan on photographic and blogging the building process. So be looking forward to that. πŸ˜‰


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