A New Year, And With It, Some New Promises (To Break)

Well, not much at all has been posted here this last year. In fact, I really haven’t been as active on the internet. I only posted twice on this blog, and I only uploaded 35 photos to flickr vs. the 53 photos I uploaded in 2009.

But I’ve got several New Year resolutions that I think I can actually achieve this year.
I’d my like my friends to hold me accountable for them, just encase I start to burn out.

Project 365

Ever heard of this before? It’s where a photographer takes at least one picture every day for a year. I’ve been told it’s a very good way to grow as I photographer and several friends have done it and recomend I do it too. And I am!

I’ve been disappointed with myself and how little I’ve been uploading to flickr. I try not to share anything but what I think is worth sharing, but sometimes I wonder if I set that bar too high. This challenge will force me to post photos, whether I like them or not.


Another personal challange I’m giving myself is this:
Post atleast once per week!
Yep, this blog is actually going to be worth reading with topics such as:

  • My workflow with digiKam and RawTherapee
  • Indie game reviews

Wait. That’s just two…
But trust me, more will come! And I’d appreciate any comments and recommendations on both my writing and the topics.

This is going to be an interesting year.


2 thoughts on “A New Year, And With It, Some New Promises (To Break)”

  1. Maybe in your weekly posts you could include a roundup of your Project 365 photos. For each photo, you might provide a little background or perhaps a related tip useful for photography noobs like me. 🙂

    1. Dude, thanks so much for the great idea! Will definitely do that. Also, I just noticed this theme (“Vigilance”) uses stars for bullet points… That will not do. Now I’m off to choose a new theme. 😛

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