An Update on My Life

I’ve Started College!

I’m not really going to go into too much detail, but I still wanted to share what I’ve been doing for the past few months.

I’d been thinking for several months of the possibility of skipping the 12th grade, getting my GED, and going ahead to the college I’ve been looking at since I was 10*, Full Sail University.

And I finally did it last month. I got my GED and enrolled in Full Sail’s (online) Graphic Design Bachelor of Science degree.

I started this past Monday!

Full Sail has this thing they call LaunchBox and, well… Here’s how they describe it:

Project LaunchBox is a Full Sail initiative that provides – at a deep, institutional discount* – all Full Sail students with powerful Apple technology to help them create music, film, games, animation, and design projects.Project LaunchBox complements Full Sail’s programs by providing students with access to a complete mobile studio for use throughout their school career and after graduation. With Project LaunchBox, students of all levels will be able to utilize their own personal MacBook Pro notebook computer loaded with Apple’s complete line of creative software tools, as well as degree specific sets of pro-level applications.

With this unique combination of professional software and hardware, Full Sail students now have uninterrupted access to the tools they need. This mobile studio also allows them to have their portfolio conveniently at their fingertips at all times.

So, I was required to get:

  • MacBook Pro 15″, 2.2ghz i7, 4gigs of RAM, an AMD graphics card with 1gig of RAM
  • The entire Adobe Master Suite CS5.5
  • Final Cut Studio
  • Microsoft Office for Mac and iWork (bleh to both. I installed LibreOffice and haven’t had any problems yet)




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