OS X ain’t Perfect

So, I’ve been really busy will this whole college thing. It’s been almost 3 months since I’ve started, and while I don’t have anything to write about on the subject of Full Sail, I do have a little something to say about Mac OS X..

This has been my first real experience with a Mac. I’ve been using Ubuntu exclusively since late 08′, so I automatically started comparing OS X to the current version of Ubuntu, 11.04, which some complain has borrowed too much from OS X.


“Zoom” Button

In Windows, Ubuntu, and most other desktop environments their is a “Maximize” button on each open window.

Whenever this button is pressed, the window it is attached to will fill the entire screen. When pressed again, the window returns to its original state.

This is consistent. While not all windows you encounter will have the maximize button, when they do it works the same way, every time.

How does this work on OS X? Mac has something different located in the same place, called the “zoom” button.

From what I’ve understand, it depends on the app. Some, like Finder (Mac’s file manager) use the zoom button to mean “resize just enough to fit entire folder’s contents with the least amount of scrolling needed”. Other apps, such as the built in calculator app or iTunes, use the zoom button as a “change view”  of sorts. Pressing zoom while in iTunes transforms the large catalog viewing interface into a small widget-sized window. The calculator uses the zoom button as a toggle for the different kinds of calculators.

This is very nice and all, but how are you supposed to know? By experimenting or by reading the manual? Neither should be necessary for standard apps.


This is but one complaint. I have several others. 😉

But don’t get me wrong. I like allot of stuff about OS X too! I think Ubuntu would gain allot by looking at some of the best OS X has to offer.



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