Wah!cade Theme

A good while ago I had an old PC set up as a dedicated emulation machine under my TV. It has been so long I can’t remember what all software was involved, besides Wah!cade and a Linux distro of some sort.

I have since moved on to using a much nicer Intel NUC running Lakka for my emulation needs, but I would hate to see the custom theme I made for Wah!cade just sit here on my hard drive where no one can use it. So here it is!



I had posted this screenshot on my Behance, mentioning how I’d like to share it when I was done working on it. So, after being so done with it that I don’t even know how to set up Wah!cade any more, here it is for download. Be sure to replace the .odt extension on the file with .zip in order to open it.

And if someone finds this and wants to upload it somewhere else, you are free to without needing to ask permission, but I’d appreciate if you told me.


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